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General Information

Charabanc Theatre Company (founded by Sarah (Marie) Jones, Maureen Macauley, Eleanor Methven, Carol Scanlan (Moore), and Brenda Winter) operated with distinction in Belfast from 1983 until 1995. Early plays were devised by members of the company, which toured productions throughout Ireland, as well as to England, Scotland, North America, and the Soviet Union. Thanks to Artistic Directors Eleanor Methven and Carol Moore, and to Boise State University, program and poster materials are now available (for research use only).

Company Productions

  • 1983 Lay Up Your Ends (Martin Lynch and the Company)
  • 1984 Oul Delf and False Teeth (Marie Jones, Martin Lynch, and the Company)
  • 1985 Now You're Talkin' (Marie Jones and the Company)
  • 1986 The Girls in the Big Picture (Marie Jones; devised by the Company)
  • 1986 Gold in the Streets (Marie Jones, devised by the Company)
  • 1987 Somewhere Over the Balcony (Marie Jones)
  • 1988 Terrible Twins Crazy Christmas (1988)
  • 1989 Cauterised (Neill Speers)
  • 1989 The Stick Wife (Darrah Cloud)
  • 1989 Weddins, Wee'ins and Wakes (Marie Jones)
  • 1990 Blind Fiddler of Glenaduach (Marie Jones)
  • 1990 The Hampster Wheel (Marie Jones)
  • 1991 Bondagers (Sue Glover)
  • 1991 Frontline Café (Thomas McLaughlin)
  • 1991 Me and My Friend (Gillian Plowman)
  • 1992 October Song (Andrew Hinds)
  • 1992 Skirmishes (Catherine Hayes)
  • 1993 The House of Bernards Alba (Federico Garcia Lorca, adapted by Lynne Parker)
  • 1993 The Illusion (Corneille, adapted by Peter Sheridan)
  • 1994 Iron May Sparkle (Thomas McLaughlin)
  • 1994 Vinegar Fly (Nick Perry)
  • 1995 A Wife, a Dog, and a Maple Tree (Sue Ashby)

Play Scripts

Linen Hall Library (Belfast) has a complete collection of the scripts devised and written by and for the Company, including the unpublished scripts. Linen Hall also holds the largest archive collection related to the Company. University of Notre Dame library has a large collection of typescripts and other materials.

Scripts in Print

  • Four Plays: "Inventing Women's Work." Ed. Claudia Harris. Colin Smythe: Oxford, 2006. (Includes Now You're Talkin', Gold in the Streets, The Girls in the Big Picture, and Somewhere Over the Balcony.)
  • The Hampster Wheel. In The Crack in the Emerald. Ed. David Grant. Nick Hern Books: Dublin, 1990.
  • Somewhere Over the Balcony. In Postcolonial Plays: An Anthology. Ed. Helen Gilbert. Routledge: London, 2001.


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