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With a few exceptions, the study of Irish-America has been biased by a focus on Irish-Americans in urban settings east of the Mississippi, a bias that has resulted in a rather warped interpretation of the whole Irish-American experience. This project serves to counter this bias by providing scholars with an online collection of primary sources (literary, cultural, and historical texts), scholarly materials (researched essays, bibliographies, biographies, and histories) and an extensive, searchable database of works of Irish-American Literature.

The database component provides information on over 700 works of Irish-American literature from the late 1700's to the present. Included with each record is information about the author (short biographies) and abstracts of the works. In addition to being searchable based on author and title, the database may be searched using a wide range of demographic and geographic variables. For example, scholars wishing to find female Irish-American authors who lived and wrote about Irish-American life in California can do so easily by means of the simple search interface.

The text archive component provides complete texts that have been encoded in XML in accordance with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) standards. In most cases the texts are accompanied by introductions, translations, biographies and scholarly bibliographies. Where appropriate, materials in the collection are hyper linked to other resources outside of the collection.

The Irish-American West project was initiated in 2002 and provided seed money through a grant of the Stanford Humanities Lab of Stanford University. The project was moved to the Western Institute of Irish Studies in 2005 where it continues to grow through the continued support of the Stanford Humanities Lab and the Western Institute of Irish Studies.